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As a child of the 70s and 80s I consider myself lucky to have experienced the golden age of action figures. My first few toys were the 12 inch GI Joes. Then of course there was Star Wars, followed up by GI Joe - A Real American Hero.

And then, I was in junior high and more important things occupied my time.

Fast forward to post college and the random flea market find of vintage Kenner Star Wars + the release of the new Power of the Force and I never looked back. I found my hobby.

Years later I would be home one weekend when I decided to photograph some dioramas of some new GI Joes in the backyard. I combined my love of history, photography and toys to create images of backyard battlefields.

Finally, after years of photographing dioramas, I decided to start a business of turning those photos into jigsaw puzzles. The topics range from Star Wars to GI Joe to toy soldiers to anything the toy world can throw at me.

Enjoy the images!


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